Brian Revere

Brian Revere pitches in for Adobe in demonstating the new features of Photoshop 4.0. Brian is active in our DTP SIG and had some experience with the new version before our meeting and volunteered to demonstrate some of the cool new features and differences with the new version of the industry standard image manipulater.

You can see the CD-ROM of Photoshop 4 on the corner of the table. Adobe donated a copy of the full version for our group. You also see Brian working at the group's old Quadra 840av. Our presentations at now done with a Power Macintosh G3.

You can see Bradley in the red flannel shirt answering still more questions. During Brian's demonstration, Bradley helped out by suggesting some nice features he has explored with Photoshop 4 that Brian hadn't yet shown. To Bradley's right, at the left edge of the photo, is Savas Kay. He was commenting on Bradley's heckling of Brian's efforts, but Brian didn't mind the help.

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