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Alan Gordon - Membership.

Bill Medlow - President.
Bill Medlow at door
Bill (on the right) selling raffles. That's Helen Gross to Bill's right. Looks like Bill Piemonte just arriving and looking for a name sticker on the table.
Bill Medlow selling raffles
Bill Medlow selling raffle tickets. When we have great prizes donated, members buy large numbers of tickets. The proceeds go to buying new equipment.
Bill Medlow and Balan Nagraj - former DTP SIG Chairman.
Bradley Dichter - Technical Advisor.
Al Choy - Internet SIG Chairman.
Al Choy
Donald Henessey - Founder & Membership Chairman.
Rick Matteson - Program Coordinator and Max Rechtman - Treasurer.
Sheldon Gross & Bob McAteer.

Our members
LIMac members
Multimedia SIG meeting with an iBook. Bill Medlow heads this group. Clockwise from Bill is Don VanHolt, Bernie Flicker, Harold Silvers ??... Hard to tell from the back.
Multimedia SIG members

The following two photos where taken at our 1996 annual year-end celebration. We still had a Q&A session and a presentation, but a little party instead of SIG meetings. Photography courtesy of SMILE Photography.

Brian RevereBrian Revere & Photoshop 4.0.

1996 December party.

The following photos were taken by SMILE Photography at the November 1999 Special Interest Group Intro night:
Donald Hennessy talking about connecting old peripherals to an iMac through an older Mac. That's Don's iMac. Our Secretary, Bernie Flicker seems to be taking notes.
Don Hennessy-Beginner's SIG
Geoff Broadhurst enlightens a small group on using headers in AppleWorks. He also showed how to apply custom icons for eye appeal in the Finder.
Geoff Broadhurst-Beginner's SIG
Sheldon Gross brought his iBook, so folks could get a look and check it out.
iBook looky
Shelly explains the best features of the iBook.
iBook touchy
With Don H. at the extreme left, and Bill Medlow standing, Bob McAteer, at the Mic., explains the new MacHelp SIG.
Bob explains MacHelp SIG
Is that the back of Don VanHolt's head at the bottom-left?
Max Rechtman, our Treasurer and Business SIG leader, shows his prowess in MacInTax and Quicken. His son Stephen (under the white cap on right) with the old PowerBook is charting in Excel.
Max-Business SIG
Bradley's taken out the old hard drive out of the Performa and warns the crowd about making sure you put the new drive in right the first time. Bob is checking out the new drive in the antistatic bag in his hands. You can see Harold Silver over his shoulder. Irving Wall (in red shirt) must have reserved the best view down in front.
Bradley & Bob
OK, the computer is back together with the new hard drive, we booted up off the jaz backup and we've partitioned the new drive and now the boring part; restoring all the data from the backup. The phyical drive swap only took a few minutes. Harold's moved for a better look and Bob's found a seat.
Bradley restores data
The Photoshop SIG gets to play with the group's PowerBook G3. During normal SIG meetings they would use the projector you see at the bottom of the picture. Nice little mess of wires for the equipment.
Photoshop SIG
The reaction to the SIG intro night went rather well, so expect another sometime in the future. Here is Max Rechtman and the LIMac Millenium party's cake from December 1999.
Max Rechtman

Bill Medlow at January 2000 meeting. This is the start of Bill's last year as our President. Any volunteers to take his place?
Bill Medlow
Max Rechtman (leftmost in blue) answering questions on MacInTax. Obviously a hot topic in January based on the attendance at the recently revived Business SIG.
Max answering questions-Business SIG
Geoff Broadhust (on the right) at the Beginner's SIG in January. Must be a new movement, half these people are from Syosset. The Bogitch's and the Papiernos
Geoff at Beginner's SIG
Norman Kashefsky with the user group's PowerBook G3 and the Photoshop SIG considering options and technique.
Norman Kashefsky-Business SIG
Contrary to popular belief, LIMac does have female members. We are not all balding middle-aged men.
LIMac women
Bernie Flicker at the microphone. Bernie is middle aged but still has plenty of hair. OK, so, it's grey. Bernie does a great job at our board meetings as our secretary. Here he is at the February 2000 General meeting showcasing Nova Development's Print Explosion.
Bernie Flicker
The leaders of the ever popular Photoshop Special Interest Group. Norman Kashefsky is on the left, suffering from reflections on his glasses, and Rich Scillia has his hand on the mouse. Brind your creations down and they will make fun of them. No not really. They only suggest ways to make your imagination become realized.
Photoshop SIG 3/00
Peter Mormoris and William Heyman of Alliance Computer Systems showed Apple's iMovie. The easy to use digital video editor comes with the new iMac DV and iMac DV SE. Bill's aiming a Canon DV camcorder at the audience to include a snippet for inclusion in a video he put together in iMovie as a demonstration.
Rick Matteson and Bob McAteer are given awards of appreciation at the April 2001 meeting by Bill Medlow in the center
Rick and Bob's 2001 awards
Randell Scott (left) must be thinking to himself, "What am I getting myself into?" He has volunteered to take the PA equipment responsibility from Bradley. Rick Matteson is getting ready for a web page creation presentation as Bradley explained the rat's nest of wires that takes him about 30 minutes to set up each month.
Look at all those wires!
Mo Lebowitz is given an award of appreciation at the December 2001 meeting by Bill Medlow. That's Loretta, Mo's wife on the right.
Mo's 2001 certificate
Al Choy was also given an award of appreciation at the December 2001 meeting by Bill Medlow.
Brian Revere must be explaining something to a small group during the December Year End Party. To his right is Max Rechtman, and to his left is Marty Macaluso and Donald Hennessy. Maybe he's saying it is finally time to get a G4 and put the old PowerTower Pro into retirement. Max can relate.
The best way to still look young is to stand next to much older people. It's been more than 17 years since we started this group. Bradley is still younger than Bernie. Also taken at the December 2001 year end party. Bradley figured he would suprise folks with the MacGenius T-shirt but Rich Scillia also had a black version. The cake, decorated to look like the Mac OS 10.1 box was quite good.
Here are some members filling in to the room for the Sonnet G4 accelerator presentation in March 2003. Al Choy is testing the wireless microphone for the Q and A session to follow.
Members filling in
Here is Donald Hennessy selling raffle tickets. We just started a special raffle for the User Group's "Wallstreet" PowerBook G3.
Donald selling raffles
Here we've set up a G4 and a digital video camera connected to our PowerBook and then to the projector to show the innards to the group.
The G4 innards. Note the big finned heat sink over what was formerly two 500MHz G4 processors. You just need a long nose plier to pop off the two straps holding the heat sink down. The CPU daughtercard is held down by three Philips screws. This model was the last to NOT have a ducted fan blowing air directly over the processors.
The December 2003 Year-end and 20th anniversary (a bit early) party, We decorated this cake with our anniversary emblem.
Bill Medlow cutting the cake. Yo Bill! Exercise portion control - save some for the members! Just kidding, everbody got a piece.

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