Donald Hennesy

Donald Henessey, our founder and membership chairperson, listening carefully to the presentation. Back in September of 1984, Donald and a handful of us old Mac-timers met at the Apple SIG of the Long Island Computer Association at New York Tech. We soon formed our own Macintosh SIG and years later we formed our own separate user group. Donald has held the positions of President and Secretary and User Group Ambassador. Donald has donated more of his personal equipment and effort to this group than all the rest of us over the years. What keeps Donald busiest, is his never ending devotion to the distribution of our user group monthly newsletter, the Forum. At the meetings, he helps out by walking around with the wireless microphone during the Q&A session. Before the meetings, he has the unenviable job of lugging to the meetings (and back) the user group's monitor and the projector, and other items. To Donald's right, you can see some samples from the user group's public domain library.

Photo taken in 1996.

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