Bradley's Q&A

Bradley Dichter conducts a Question and Answer session at the beginning of each General Meeting. Bradley is a professional Macintosh Consultant. He volunteers his time in his role as Technical Advisor and Webmaster. For 45 minutes or more, he fields all kinds of questions from the members and amazes all with his encyclopedic knowledge. He keeps up to date on every software and hardware there is. You can expect his first response to a member's problems are "What version do you have? The latest is.... I downloaded it last night." The Q & A session can be an open forum too, when a member asks for an opinion on some matter, and other members chip in with their experience. Members helping members is the very core and purpose of our group. On many occasions, Bradley dissertations do go over many beginner's head, as technical details by necessity come up. To soften the tone, Brad's whit enlivens the talk. Most members find the Q&A essential and valuable, a resource not found at most other user group meetings, as featured presenters have noted.

You can see the user group's old overhead projector and projection panel in the lower left corner of the picture. We now have a brighter and higher resolution projector thanks to our members.

Photo taken in 1996.

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