LIMac members

Our members during a break in the action. Note that we get a good attendance of about 100. Notice that it's a friendly group. If you look carefully, there is a little activity at the back table, as Bill sells a few last minute raffle tickets. Donald Hennessey is walking around with the wireless microphone.
Take a look at folks who come to our meetings - the typical member. Remember the meeting starts at 7 PM. Many people are still in their office attire, you can see several men in ties. They came to the meeting right from work. More people get home at a normal hour, have had dinner and come dressed casually. The group meetings are more like a social group with a show and tell, rather than a stuffy classroom environment. They are there to have a good time and get some exposure to new things Macintosh.

Since the group formed back in 1984, a lot of long term friendships and business relationships have formed amongst our membership. Wouldn't you like to become part of this family of Mac users?

Photo taken in 1996.

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