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The Long Island Macintosh Users Group (LIMac) meets primarily at the Old Westbury Campus of the New York Institute of Technology (aka NYIT or NY Tech).

Our General Meeting is held in the Harry J. Schure Hall on the second Friday of every month, unless otherwise specified in advance, in the auditorium. In these rare, special cases, our main page will notify as will our newsletter. The meeting starts at 7 PM and continues till 8:30 PM.

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General Meeting
The meeting should start at 7PM. First up is a 30 minute Question and Answer session hosted by our resident expert, Bradley Dichter. This independent consultant volunteers his time, fielding questions on any topic. The Q&A session is also an open forum, where one member may seek help from another with a specific interest. At 7:30 PM the main presentation by a vendor's representative is given. Sometimes one or more of our own members gives a presentation. We have a PA system with a hand held microphone and headset mic, plus a bright HD projector for both Macs and iOS devices. The presentation is usually about 50 minutes to an hour long. At about 8:20 to 8:30 PM we have some announcements and then raffle drawings.

Apple iOS Special Interest Group
The iOS SIG tends to be a more freeform group with members sharing their experiences with various Apps for the iPad and iPhone and iPod touch. We have adapters for old and new iPhones and iPads for our HD projector, so everyone can see and hear the demonstrated application..

The MacBasics SIG
This SIG has a repeating cycle of seven sessions discussing the basics of using the Macintosh, introductory use of spreadsheets, word processing, databases, font usage and standard utilities. On-line services are also covered. Each meeting leaves time for beginner level questions and answers during the lead-off first 30 minutes part 1 of this split-time group.

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Try MapQuest Interactive Map Enter City: Old Westbury, NY, US

Local area map-North Central Nassau County

NYIT Campus Map

Harry Schure Hall

North Shore approach from Suffolk county
Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 41 North (Jericho) or Northern State Parkway exit 35 North. Take Rt 107 after crossing under Jericho Turnpike (Stay to the left). Make left at Northern Blvd. (Rt. 25A) Make left at fourth traffic light at main entrance to NYIT.

North Shore approach from Queens or Western Nassau
Take LIE to Exit 39 North (Glen Cove Road) Make right at Northern Blvd. Make right at third light at Main entrance.

South Shore approach from Suffolk Country
Take Sunrise to Southern State if you live in Eastern Suffolk. Take Route 135 North to the Long Island Expressway Westbound. Follow the North shore approach from here on.

South Shore approach from Queens or Western Nassau
Take Southern State to Meadowbrook Parkway North. Take left fork to Northern State Westbound. Get off at Glen Cove Road. Stay to left and make left turn onto Glen Cove Road North. Take right turn at Northern Blvd. Make right at third light at Main entrance.

Final directions at New York Tech/Old Westbury
Park as close to the orange building as possible. Handicapped parking is available. If you arrive early there are a few spots available in the smaller lot closer to the building highlighted in orange. Once you enter Harry Schure Hall our meeting room is in the main auditorium.

Plainedge Library Directions (Board Meetings)
The Plainedge Library is located on the east side of Route 107 (1060 Hickville Road) between the Southern State Parkway and Route 135 (Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway). Meeting rooms are downstairs, with door leading down directly ahead as you enter building's vestibule.

Membership fees & benefits

Annual Dues are $48 for you and your family's year's membership. Membership traditionally is paid from January to January. Please note that the current yearly dues amount became effective January 1, 2002. Dues formerly were lower. Depending on the month of becoming a new member, you'll pay the $3/month for the balance of the year and get on the January to January normal schedule. LIMac also offers Corporate membership at $120/year. This includes membership for any five employees of the company. Two copies of our newsletter will be sent to the corporate address. Paid membership starts from the month of payment. Normally we ask for renewal dues to be paid at the beginning of the calendar year, although payment at the December meeting is preferred. Attendance is free for your first meeting. Each member gets a copy of our newsletter, The Forum, e-mailed to them. If you want to become a member, fill out a Application. If you have any questions first, send e-mail to Donald Hennessy, our Membership guy. Or you can call, at a reasonable hour, our User Group Ambassador, George Canellis at (631) 286-1181.

At LIMac’s January 2006 executive board meeting, your directors approved the following membership incentive policy (Recruitment Rewards if you like):
1. LIMac members will receive a discount of $12 off the following year’s dues, for each new member recruited.
    The new member must mention your name when applying for membership for you to get proper credit.
2. Recruit three new members in order to receive a free LIMac membership for the following year. Each $12 credit earned
    will be credited to the next year's dues, but there is no holdover credit, the credit will be applied to the next year's dues.
3. The maximum benefit awarded to any LIMac member will be limited to $48, or one free membership per calendar year. If
    you get a company ($120/year) to join LIMac, you would get a free year's membership for yourself.

LIMac commercial done by the Multimedia SIG in 2005

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