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Current and past issues are available as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. The most recent issues are not available for download on this public web page. LIMac members are e-mailed monthly upcoming meeting info and a download link for the most recent Forum issue.
The Acrobat files are fully formatted with styled text and photos, just like the real printed version. Save some trees and read the paperless way. Online version made with 100% post-consumer electrons.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 or newer Intel based Mac users (including Mountain Lion users) should be using Adobe Reader 11.0.2, available here. Intel based Mac users still using Mac OS X 10.5.8 should be using Adobe Reader 10.1.4, available here plus the 10.1.6 security update.

Mac OS 10.4.11 or newer (Intel or PPC based) users can which gets you the latest and greatest Adobe Reader 9.5.4 This is the last release for Power PC based Macs (G4 or G5). Mac OS 10.4.3 to 10.4.10 users will be offered Adobe Reader 8.2.2 which is as good as it gets for G3 based Macs.
Mac OS 10.4.2 to 10.2.8 users can get Adobe Reader which gets you this: Adobe Reader 7.1.0
Mac OS 10.2.2 to 10.2.7 users can only get as far as the Adobe Reader 6.01 and the 6.0.2 updater and 6.0.3a updater and 6.0.4 updater.
If your Power Mac has Mac OS 9.1 to 10.2.1, get self-contained Acrobat Reader 5.1 installer Acrobat 5 icon otherwise get Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0.5a. Acrobat 4 icon Needs at least System 7.1.2 Does not include latest ATM Light 4.6.2. If you use AdobePS 8.8 also get the 4.6.2a updater. Latest Forum issues are in Acrobat 5 format and don't work well in older (version 4 or older) Acrobat readers.

OLD TIMER's TECHNICAL NOTES: If the "Forum.pdf" file downloads as an unknown kind of document, you need to set up Netscape's Options:General Preferences-Helpers tab. Click here for screen shots and particulars for both Netscape Navigator 2.0.x and 3.0.x and AOL 3.0. If this still doesn't work, drag and drop it's generic icon onto Acrobat Reader's icon. It should have a type of 'PDF ' (note the space after PDF) and a creator of 'CARO'. I would suggest Snitch (Get Info... enhancer) to fix Type and Creator codes.

Many people have trouble with PDF files on the web because of a limitation and a bug in the PDF browser plug-in. I suggest removing it and setting Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader to be the helper application, rather than use the plug-in. This is set in the Preferences-Receiving Files-File Helpers for extension .pdf and MIME type "application/pdf"

Download June 2014 Issue

Download the 8 page Forum as a Acrobat file. In full color! After editing, a small 2.2 MB in size. Also the URLs, e-mails and many references to Internet resources are live, so you can click on them and go right to the web page mentioned. Look for the pointing finger cursor over the hot spot of the web addresses. I made the hot links visible with a dashed blue box so you won't miss them. "Continued on..." references are hot links too.

If you are downloading the Forum and are not yet a member, I urge you join and come to the meetings. You miss out on a great time by not attending and you miss out on many other advantages a LIMac membership card brings.

Each month, the Forum is assembled from contributions from members and the Internet, edited and produced in Adobe InDesign CS5.5 and exported into Acrobat format by Al Zygier.
   Adobe has donated a copy of Acrobat Distiller and Exchange for our electronic publishing needs.
Al, like all of the leaders of LI Mac, volunteers his time for the benefit of our group. If you like his handiwork on the Forum and want to sent him a compliment, I'm sure he'd like a little e-mail.
Al recently took over from Mo Lebowitz who did the Forum for several years.

The Forum plus this web site won the 2001 User Group Academy Award for Best User Group Overall and the Forum won "Best in Show Newsletter" The Forum won The Special Judges Citation of Excellence
in the 2000 UG Academy Awards -
Medium User Group Category.

MoOur Forum has won First Prize
in not one, but two categories in the
1998 National Mac Users Group
Newsletter Competition.
Congratulations Mo!


Past Issues in Acrobat format

Download May 2014 Issue 1.8 MB Download June 2014 Issue 2.2 MB
Download March 2014 Issue 2.1 MB Download April 2014 Issue 2.3 MB
Download January 2014 Issue 860 KB

Download February 2014 Issue 1.6 MB

Download November 2013 Issue 1.6 MB Download December 2013 Issue 2.5 MB
Download September 2013 Issue 1.6 MB Download October 2013 Issue 1.8 MB
Download July 2013 Issue 2.2 MB Download August 2013 Issue 1.6 MB
Download May 2013 Issue 2 MB Download June 2013 Issue 1.9 MB
Download March 2013 Issue 2.8 MB Download April 2013 Issue 1.8 MB
Download January 2013 Issue 1.5 MB

Download February 2013 Issue 1.8 MB

Download November 2012 Issue 1.6 MB Download December 2012 Issue 2.5 MB
Download September 2012 Issue 1.6 MB Download October 2012 Issue 1.8 MB
Download July 2012 Issue 2.2 MB Download August 2012 Issue 1.6 MB
Download May 2012 Issue 2.2 MB Download June 2012 Issue 1.8 MB
Download March 2012 Issue 1.9 MB Download April 2012 Issue 1.8 MB
Download January 2012 Issue 3.8 MB

Download February 2012 Issue 1.5 MB

Download November 2011 Issue 1.2 MB Download December 2011 Issue 2.1 MB
Download September 2011 Issue 4.1 MB Download October 2011 Issue 627 KB
Download July 2011 Issue 762 KB Download August 2011 Issue 2.7 MB
Download May 2011 Issue 1.7 MB Download June 2011 Issue   with video 9.7 MB
Download March 2011 Issue 3.3 MB Download April 2011 Issue 2 MB
Download January 2011 Issue with video 7.3 MB

Download February 2011 Issue 1.4 MB

Download November 2010 Issue 3.6 MB Download December 2010 Issue 2.1 MB
Download September 2010 Issue 1.6 MB Download October 2010 Issue 1.4 MB
Download July 2010 Issue 905 KB Download August 2010 Issue 2 MB
Download May 2010 Issue 2.4 MB Download June 2010 Issue 1.9 MB
Download March 2010 Issue 2.2 MB Download April 2010 Issue 1.5 MB
Download January 2010 Issue 4.6 MB Download February 2010 Issue 1.9 MB

Download November 2009 Issue 7.4 MB Download December 2009 Issue 22.2 MB
Download September 2009 Issue 6.8 MB Download October 2009 Issue 4.9 MB
Download July 2009 Issue 2.8 MB Download August 2009 Issue 5.2 MB
Download May 2009 Issue 2.7MB
Download May 2009 Issue-movies 948KB
Download June 2009 Issue 4.5 MB
Download March 2009 Issue 8.3MB Download April 2009 Issue 5.9MB
Download January 2009 Issue 5.3MB Download February 2009 Issue 5.3MB

Download November 2008 Issue 3.1 MB Download December 2008 Issue 3.3 MB
Download September 2008 Issue 3.3 MB Download October 2008 Issue 5.2 MB
Download July 2008 Issue 1.7 MB Download August 2008 Issue 2.7 MB
Download May 2008 Issue 2MB Download June 2008 Issue 1.7MB
Download March 2008 Issue 1.9MB Download April 2008 Issue 2.4MB
Download January 2008 Issue 3.8MB Download February 2008 Issue 3.5MB

Download November 2007 Issue 1.9MB Download December 2007 Issue 3.5MB
Download September 2007 Issue 640 KB Download October 2007 Issue 2.9MB
Download July 2007 Issue 1.8MB Download August 2007 Postcard 772KB
Download May 2007 Issue 972KB Download June 2007 Issue 2.6MB
Download March 2007 Issue 1.4MB Download April 2007 Issue 1MB
Download January 2007 Issue 1.0MB Download February 2007 Issue 3.7MB

Download November 2006 Issue 668KB Download December 2006 Issue 748KB
Download September 2006 Issue 380KB Download October 2006 Issue 452KB
Download July 2006 Issue 732KB Download August 2006 Issue 440KB
Download May 2006 Issue 652KB Download June 2006 Issue 1MB
Download March 2006 Issue 2MB Download April 2006 Issue 648KB
Download January 2006 Issue 1.1MB Download February 2006 Issue 1008KB

Download November 2005 Issue 852KB Download December 2005 Issue 1.3MB
Download September 2005 Issue 1.4MB Download October 2005 Issue 1.2MB
Download July 2005 Issue 900KB Download August 2005 Postcard 240KB
Download May 2005 Issue 652KB Download June 2005 Issue 1MB
Download March 2005 Issue 1.3MB Download April 2005 Issue 804KB
Download January 2005 Issue 1.2MB Download February 2005 Issue 1.1MB

Download November 2004 Issue 332K Download December 2004 Issue 684K
Download September 2004 Issue 684K Download October 2004 Issue 340K
Download July 2004 Issue 476K Download August 2004 Postcard 96K
Download May 2004 Issue 4.4MB Download June 2004 Issue 640K
Download March 2004 Issue 908K Download April 2004 Issue 4.4MB
Download January 2004 Issue 720K Download February 2004 Issue 996K

Download November 2003 Issue 1004K Download December 2003 Issue 592K
Download September 2003 Issue 324K Download October 2003 Issue 764K
Download July 2003 Issue 736K No August 2003 issue
Download May 2003 Issue 624K Download June 2003 Issue 1.5M
Download March 2003 Issue 732K Download April 2003 Issue 468K
Download January 2003 Issue 1MB Download February 2003 Issue 436K

Download November 2002 Issue 548K Download December 2002 Issue 712K
Download September 2002 Issue 524K Download October 2002 Issue 5324K
Download July 2002 Issue 348K No August 2002 Issue
Download May 2002 Issue 1100K Download June 2002 Issue 828K
Download March 2002 Issue 1700K Download April 2002 Issue 508K
Download January 2002 Issue 856K Download February 2002 Issue 476K

Download November 2001 Issue 644K Download December 2001 Issue 792K
Download September 2001 Issue 520K Download October 2001 Issue 404K
Download July 2001 Issue 424K No August 2001 Issue (Postcard only)
Download May 2001 Issue 444K Download June 2001 Issue 540K
Download March 2001 Issue 456K Download April 2001 Issue 464K
Download January 2001 Issue 620K Download February 2001 Issue 676K

Download November 2000 Issue 868K Download December 2000 Issue 592K
Download September 2000 Issue 572K Download October 2000 Issue 396K
  Download August 2000 Postcard 212K
Download color May 2000 Issue 744K Download color June 2000 Issue 956K
Download March 2000 Issue 484K Download color April 2000 Issue 716K
Download January 2000 Issue 684K Download February 2000 Issue 764K

Download color November 1999 Issue 336K Download color December 1999 Issue 572K
Download color September 1999 Issue 344K Download color October 1999 Issue 444K
Download color July 1999 Issue 320K  
Download color May 1999 Issue 320K Download June 1999 Issue 292K
Download color March 1999 Issue 296K Download color April 1999 Issue 276K
Download color January 1999 Issue 348K Download color February 1999 Issue 276K

Download color November 1998 Issue 284K Download color December 1998 Issue 356K
Download color September 1998 Issue 488K Download color October 1998 Issue 508K
Download color July 1998 Issue 464K  
Download color May 1998 Issue 416K Download color June 1998 Issue 312K
Download color March 1998 Issue 252K Download color April 1998 Issue 320K
Download color January 1998 Issue 588K Download color February 1998 Issue 264K

Download color November 1997 Issue 580K Download color December 1997 Issue 1.7M
Download September 1997 Issue 820K Download October 1997 Issue 488K
Download July 1997 Issue 652K Download August 1997 Issue 380K
Download May 1997 Issue 540K Download June 1997 Issue 752K
Download March 1997 Issue 992K Download April 1997 Issue 608K
Download January 1997 Issue 604K Download February 1997 Issue 608K

Download November 1996 Issue 540K Download December 1996 Issue 508K
Download September 1996 Issue 472K Download October 1996 Issue 500K
Download July 1996 Issue 220K Download August 1996 Issue 220K
Download May 1996 Issue 264K Download June 1996 Issue 248K
Download March 1996 Issue 228K Download April 1996 Issue 200K

Download May 1992 Issue 224K Download June 1992 Issue 320K
Download March 1992 Issue 656K Download April 1992 Issue 952K
  Download February 1992 Issue 896K

Download April 1989 Issue 3.43M The very first Forum
Download extract from November 1984 of  The Stack from LICA. Very first mention of our Macintosh SIG of the Long Island Computer Association

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