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Dava Marra Dave Marra's yearly Marrathon - this time Dave demonstrated on the iPad, photo manipulation apps and music creation apps and hardware interfaces at the June 2012 meeting.

 Justin Esgar of Autrìv Software Development talked about developing and promoting iOS apps at the July 2011 meeting.

DebDeb in fur Deb Shadovitz talked about making good choices of equipment when traveling around the world at the November 2011 meeting.

 Canon EOS Digital SLR and advanced point-and-shoot cameras presentation by Diana Bowe, Canon Sales Engineer at the September 2011 meeting.

Herb FriedmanScott Randell Herb Friedman demos The Geometer's Sketchpad and Scott Randell demos Smile Software's TextExpander at the February 2011 meeting.

 Ken Vanemon of Sapphire Marketing showcased Creston home and business automation systems at the October 2010 meeting.

 Michael Simmons of Cultured Code demonstrated Things at the March 2010 meeting.

Jason Panucci Jason Panucci from SoundTree, the education division of Korg USA, showcased various USB music controllers at the March 2010 meeting.

 Scott Citron at the November 2009 meeting. He gave a great presentation on the in’s and out’s of Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Adobe Lightroom
  Scott is a professional graphic designer and is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Lightroom, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Photoshop CS4.
  Scott was the chairman of the New York City chapter of the InDesign User Group.

Barbbara Mehlman Barbara Mehlman at the September 2009 meeting. Beyond the usual Google search engines, she showcases other valuable Internet resources like Wordle and Wolfram Alpha.

Lesa SniderLesa Snider demos Adobe Photoshop CS4. She is the author of Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual at the May 2009 meeting

Bradley DichterBradley Bradley Dichter gave a Macworld Expo review January 2009 meeting; featuring iLife '09, iWork '09 and revised 17" MacBook Pro.
  He also gives us the monthly Q&A session, this web site and edits and publishes the Forum newsletter edited by Al Zygier.
  He also is the guest speaker often. He is an original member from 1984.

Katrin Eismann Katrin Eismann, The Photoshop Diva demonstrated Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 at the October 2008 meeting

Ian Schray Ian Schray from Softpress Systems (a British company) demonstrated Freeway Pro and Freeway Express at the September 2008 meeting

Victor Susman Victor Susman of I.L.S. Offset Printing demonstrated Apple Remote Desktop 3 at the August 2008 meeting.

Dave Marra Dave Marra demos nearly all 300 new features of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at the May 2008 meeting

Tom Abruzzo Tom Abruzzo from the Walt Whitman Apple Store demonstrates Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at the January 2008 meeting

 Jean MacDonald from SmileOnMyMac demonstrated the company's products in October 2007. The company later changed their name to Smile Software.
They are perhaps best known for PDFpen and PDFpenPro, TextExpander and DiscLabel. The first two are available now for iOS as well as Mac.

Lesa Snider King Lesa Snider King and Shawn King of the Your Mac Life podcast and website came to Salten Hall talk about photography
  and iStockphoto and Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 for the November 2007 special meeting

Dave Marra Dave Marra Experience once again in June 2007

James Lee  James Lee, Jr., President of Tropical Software in May of 2007 demoed TopXNotes & TopXNotes Touch

  Edward Marczak of MacTech Magazine talked about a favorite of his; Marketcircle Daylight organizer in March 2007

Ilene Stizver of The Type Studio talked about the basics of Typography in November 2006

Tonya  Adam and Tonya Engst: October 2006: Adam showcased the new features of iPhoto 6 and Tonya Engst talked about the various Take Control eBooks

The Walt Whitman Apple Store staffers were very excited and enthusiastic. LIMac members were looking forward to the opening of the new store. There was a raffle to be won, not to mention the first day only T-shirt.

The night before the Walt Whitman Apple Store (#54) opened (May 10, 2003), LIMac was fortunate to be visited by many of the store employees, who no doubt already had a full day getting the last minute stuff ready for the big opening day. If anyone is keeping track, the other LI Apple store in Roosevelf Field was #33 when it opened on July 20 of 2002 just a month after the flagship store in SoHo, NYC.

"Dr. Mac" Bob Levitus in November 2002. Mostly he talked about assorted Mac stuff and showed some home movies. He came all the way from Austin, Texas. He brought T-shirts and books for our raffle. He's written many books and his Mac OS X book was coming out. He would be going to the MacMania II cruise to Hawaii as part of Geek Cruises. The home iMovies included early 90's clips of his wife, Lisa and his kids Allison and Jacob.

Dino Thomas of OlympusDecember 2001: On short notice we lucked out and got Dava Marra from Apple to come and show us some cool Mac OS X stuff and also introduce the new Airport Base Station and the iPod with iTunes 2. The Image Capture off the digital camera and automatically scripted to build a web page got applause. Dave wowed the audience with his detailed demonstration of the font sheet in TextEdit and the international language support in Mac OS 10.1 His enthusiasm and humor made it a memorable presentation. No boring slide presentation this night! He brought both a iBook dual USB and a PowerBook G4 as well as a Power Mac G4 for every one to check out up close. Afterwards we had our year end party.

Dino Thomas of OlympusNovember 2001 and Olympus sent us Dino Thomas to show us their latest and greatest digital cameras and photo printers. He brought many cameras and both printers and had lots of samples to show us. We got a detailed presentation on all the technical advantages of Olympus products. He took some pictures and printed them out. Several of our members already have their cameras and were convinced to buy newer and better Olympus models.

October 2001 and Linden Harding, Epson's Evangelist came down to show us some printers and scanners. He explained at length the features that make their products so good and the differences between the Perfection and the Expression series scanners. He brought many printed samples as proof.

You can see him with (left to right) a opened Stylus Photo 1280 and then a Stylus Photo 2000P and then the Expression 1680 scanner. He even showed some of the various types of media you can print on. You can see on the blackboard, all the print samples.

Back in July 2001, Peter Thomas, StuffIt Product Manager from Aladdin Systems showed off the new Stuffit Deluxe to our members. One of the must have utilties for a connected Mac user, Stuffit is required to decode and decompress just about anything you might see from Macs, PCs and UNIX machines. The Deluxe package is what you must get to compress, encode and segment all these formats. He had a quantity of Aladdin products to sell too, but he only had time to go into detail on the company's best known utility.

Nikon Coolpix & CoolScanSeptember 1999 and Nikon's Michael Rubin came down and showed some work done with their market leading products, the Super CoolScan LS-2000 and the CoolPix 950. Is that Bradley shamelessly promoting the products? No, just that Mike had his hands full.

Dantz's Retrospect Rich Goon came down to show Dantz Retrospect and Retrospect Express back in July 1999. Hopefully you use either one to back up your Mac.

MetacreationsMetaCreations once again came down to our group in June 99 and sent Kimberly Warnick to show their newest products: Canoma, Bryce 4 and Headline Studio.

President Bill Medlow with Kimberly and Rick Johnson from the Apple Market Center. Once again Rick brought goodies for our raffle. Thanks Rick!

QuarkDavid Dubrowsky of Quark came down to our group in May 1999 at a special meeting to demonstrate QuarkXPress 4.0.4. He featured the cool new features of this new release and fielded a wide array of questions from the audience regarding the program's problems and marketing. David says he's developed a thick skin about these concerns.

David Pogue Talking Author David Pogue at November 1998 meeting

Pogue & Keyboard Singer David Pogue delights the members

The follwing two photos were taken at the August 15, 1998 rollout of the iMac at the DataVision store in Westbury. Photos by Bill Medlow.

Outside the store with Todd and Bill Medlow. Check out all the big iMac posters. Todd is holding the first iMac purchasd at 9 AM the morning of the roll out. He took the box and the Bondi iMac home that night.

Inside Todd got a special Apple polo shirt and demonstrated the iMac to anyone who came by. You can see part of the huge inflated iMac over Bill's shoulder.

CompUSA Click here for pictures from the Westbury store's Apple Store-Within-A-Store Grand Opening.

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